What happens if I get into a fight in traffic?

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You get the hell beat out of you, unless you can fight real well. Seriously, this is a very bad idea, since people are getting shot and killed in these road rage incidents all the time these days. It’s a very dangerous world we’re living in today.

Better answer: If you are in a “road rage” situation and you so much as put your hand inside the other person’s car, it is a felony called “Burglary of a Conveyance.” Putting you hand on the outside of their car is not a crime, but if your hand “breaks and enters” the imaginary plane or airspace within their car, that is considered under the law to be “breaking and entering,” otherwise known in Florida as a “burglary.” And, if you touch the driver (or anyone in that car) against their will, the felony is then upgraded to “Burglary of a Conveyance with a Battery,” punishable by 30 years!


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