What do you do if you’re sexually molested?

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This question is too serious to allow for levity. Do not wash up or clean up, as you must help to preserve the evidence of the crime. Your body is essentially the crime scene. Tell the police immediately (even if you are related to, or friends with, the person who did this to you), and get to the hospital or Sexual Assault Treatment Center as soon as possible! There are “forensic” (legal-scientific) reasons that require your physical presence and evaluation at the treatment center or hospital; so please, for your sake, get some help immediately. There may be traces of hair, saliva, semen or blood from which the experts can obtain a decent DNA sample, allowing for identification, prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator. Call your parents and loved ones as soon as possible, as they only want to help you. They will not judge you, as they love you, and want you to receive immediate help!

These crimes can often occur as a result of victims being drugged. “Roofies,” GHB, and other dangerous narcotics can essentially knock you out or so disorient you, that you “pass out” and cannot stop the sexual assault. If you’re in a bar or nightclub – or even at a date’s house or a friend’s party, and someone brings you a drink (even a nonalcoholic drink), do NOT drink it, unless you watched the bartender, friend or “date” make the drink right in front of you. If you didn’t watch the drink being poured – or if you took your eyes off the drink before taking possession of it (or if you leave it unattended for a moment, then you are clueless as to what was then put in it! This crime (“rape”) is different than “date rape,” and yet it’s just as pervasive. It occurs with enough frequency that it is becoming epidemic in some parts of the country.


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