What do you do if you’re at a party and the other kids pull out the drugs?

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Answer: Strike the junkies repeatedly on or about the head! (Do not do this, as I was only attempting to be humorous)

Better answer: Get out of that party immediately. When the police arrive (pursuant to a warrant or just an anonymous and yet corroborated “tip,” those in actual possession of the drugs will NOT be the only ones arrested. That’s right – YOU will be arrested too (based on the same laws pertaining to “constructive possession,” defined above); and yes, later you’ll have your chance in court to explain that you were only hanging out (“mere presence” defense) there at the party, had no intention of using the drugs, you’re actually innocent, etc.

We are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty,” but who really believes that anymore? Too often today, we’re guilty until proven innocent,” so if you don’t mind getting arrested, sitting in jail for a night or longer (until paying through friends and family for a bond), and going through a stressful trial in hopes of getting exonerated/acquitted one day, then stay at the party with the drugs.


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