University employee “sex offender”

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This “sex offender” who is caught looking at porn while working at the University, is only 19 years old. How many 19 year olds are NOT stealing a look at porn these days, while EVERYthing imaginable is available at their keyboard fingertips? The scariest thing is, this kid may or may not have known that he opened up or clicked on a site that may have contained images of “child” porn — and as we are seeing in more and more cases in the courthouse these days, the arrested defendants don’t know the nature of the porn (ie the approximate ages of the naked people depicted in the computerized images) until *after they’ve opened up or clicked on the file or images — and then it’s too late!! That’s how quickly any of you out there viewing porn can get arrested and prosecuted as a “sex offender” these days. Beware, as you might imagine just from a quick read as to what happened with this 19 year old (who could be anyone’s kid!) arrested defendant:


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