Sentencing an old woman pushing 80, to ten (10) years in prison, is the same as giving her a “life” sentence; she’ll die in prison, for what we know was an accident.

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Imagine a judge sentencing a 78 year old woman to ten (10) years in prison … for any crime other than intentional, premeditated murder — essentially sentencing her to “life in prison” given her very advanced age. I have been a Broward DUI lawyer in handling Florida DUI cases and DUI Manslaughter cases for two decades now, and at no time in my career as a former prosecutor (and now veteran Ft Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer) have I ever seen or heard of someone receiving a “life” sentence for DUI Manslaughter. Everyone knows that this was an “accident,” however horrible it was and regardless of the tragic fact that a death occurred.

All DUI Manslaughter cases are prosecution of people who were involved in “accidents, though it’s true that these same people “intentionally” made a “choice” to drive after “intentionally” choosing to drink; but nobody can dispute the fact that these “accidents” are never intentional; and yet to sentence an old lady who is pushing 80 years old to ten (10) years in prison for one of these tragic accidents — to a virtual “life” sentence in prison (wherein she will die in prison), let me ask you, is this reasonable, or is it just mean and draconian and violative of our Constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment?

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