Reporters unwittingly aiding and abetting the next killers

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Unbelievable! Reporters Brian Haas and Andrew BA Tran (no doubt very nice people, however misguided) sounded very informed and even quite smart – they had obviously done their homework and had apparently asked all the right questions of all the right technology experts within several phone manufacturers, telling Florida’s Sun-Sentinel readers all about law enforcement’s “tracking technology” and capabilities as respects the “iphone” and the “blackberry” and all the exact models of “Nokia” and “Samsung” …. *the only problem?

The frickin criminals, predators, terrorists and killers read the papers too! And now these sociopaths know exactly which manufacturer’s phones and which exact models to stay away from!

The entire article yesterday (Saturday, March 22) on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel’s local section (headlined “cell phones become tool to help find suspects”) definitely informed the public and certainly impressed the Sun-Sentinel readers as to the investigative journalism skills of the involved reporters; but it went way, way too far – it alerted and educated today’s criminals, including sexual predators, terrorists and other assorted killers, who will now simply adjust to doing business a little bit differently … no doubt the way implicitly suggested by this very informative article.

The article even tells its readers that law enforcement’s tracking measures are enhanced as the phone remains “on,” or in that “on” position, thereby leading even an intellectually-challenged killer to simply surmise, “I know, I’ll just shut my phone off!” *(or in the case of the specific killing that was the subject of this article, the killer would know to simply shut the victim’s phone off!)

Most detectives with whom I have spoken since the article was printed, share this same concern, outrage and disgust – and in fact, it was a detective who alerted me to this very article, and the irony and absurdity of allowing these reporters (in this case specifically) and even the free press in general, to place all of us in further danger this way – all in the name of that otherwise coveted and sacrosanct first amendment.

In fairness to the reporters, perhaps it was their hope that by printing all this insider-type information, the criminals or potential predators and killers would be deterred from committing further acts of violence, for greater fear of getting caught. (Pipedream notwithstanding):

I am hoping, nonetheless, that this fleeting thought may have at least crossed their minds, in their reckless and irresponsible pursuit of a scoop. That would at least be a little redeeming, and as a defense lawyer, I suppose it’s my nature to try to find a defense for these reporters and give them the benefit of the doubt?


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