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Food poisoning outbreaks have become common news all across the United States.  Currently, a mystery stomach illness that affected people across more than fifteen states has been identified as a food borne illness tracked back to bagged lettuce.  This is just another major food poisoning outbreak.  Over the past several years food outbreaks have included peanut butter with salmonella, spinach with E. coli, frozen berries tainted with Hepatitis A, and even cantaloupes causing salmonella.  One thing has become clear over the past several years: the food industry in the United States has a long way to go before they stop injuring unsuspecting citizens.  

Food poisoning is a very serious issue.  There are many different types of food poisoning including salmonella, Hepatitis A, E. coli, listeria, cyclospora, and others.  Some forms of food poisoning can cause long term serious health issues and even death.  For example, a small percentage of the population infected with E. coli can develop a condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome.  Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a very serious condition that can kill or lead to a lifetime of dialysis for those affected.

People whom contract illnesses associated with food poisoning have many questions.  What happened?  What did I eat?  Are there others like me?  Do I have any rights?  To answer these questions it is extremely important that victims of food poisoning do a few things immediately.  First, they should seek immediate medical attention and ask that they be tested for all types of food poisoning be tested.   Second, they should make note of everything they can remember eating.  Third, if a person has confirmed food poisoning, they should contact their local health department and/or the Centers for Disease Control.  Finally, they should contact an experienced food poisoning attorney.

Victims of food poisoning have rights against those that caused their illness.  They are entitled to past medical bills, future medical bills, and depending on the venue, may be entitled to pain and suffering, mental anguish, and lost wages.  If you have been a victim of food poisoning, it is important to contact an attorney quickly to ensure that evidence is preserved, appropriate government agencies are contacted, information is shared to avert a larger outbreak and to seek appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Justin Hill is a Personal Injury Attorney and at partner at Ramsey Hill LLP, a Texas law firm with offices in Houston and San Antonio, Texas.
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