Q. “They can suspend my license for two (2) years, just because I had a tiny bit of marijuana?” A. “Yes, grasshopper, and this is the new law, so check it out:” — Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer John M. Castellano

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“It used to be, you had to be convicted of a felony drug offense — at least a felony weight of marijuana which happens to be an amount over twenty (20) grams, but that’s NOT the case anymore.” — Florida criminal defense attorney John Castellano

“The laws have changed in Florida and the judges are NOW required by statute to revoke and suspend your drivers license for two (2) years *if you are ‘adjudicated’ (i.e. fancy word for ‘convicted’) of ANY drug offense, EVEN a simple misdemeanor offense of marijuana, meaning an amount UNDER twenty (20) grams.”– Florida federal criminal lawyer John Castellano

“That’s right, even simple possession of a tiny bit of marijuana — even a so-called ‘roach’ or stem or fragment of a marijuana cigarette (called a ‘joint’ on the streets) without the intent to sell it or deliver it to another person, is enough for you to lose your DL these days in Florida.” Broward County criminal defense attorney John Castellano

“If you’re convicted of possessing even this tiny amount, this is enough to have your drivers license revoked and suspended for two (2) years in Florida.” — Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer John Castellano

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John M. Castellano is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney who has helped thousands of clients throughout Florida. While building a reputation as a premiere Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, Mr. Castellano has worked tirelessly to develop strategies to best protect the rights of those arrested for DUI in Broward, Dade and West Palm. However, Mr. Castellano is not just a drunk driving lawyer. He has been a successful domestic violence attorney, drug trafficking attorney, as well as all other Felony and Misdemeanor cases.

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