Q. “I’m on probation and took my sister’s adderall just to focus more, but it showed in the random urine, drug test they make me take, but that’s not enough to violate my probation, right?” A. “WRONG! But there is a way out of this jam, and I will share with you the way,” offers Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer John M. Castellano

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“I will share with you the case law from the appellate courts in Florida as to violations of probation and what it takes to actually be in violation, but suffice it to say, the “violation” must be “substantial” and, at a minimum, it must have been “willful.” — Florida criminal defense attorney John Castellano

“Call me @ 954 766 8810 and I will give you the inside skinny on what conduct (act or omission) the courts are now saying is enough to constitute a “substantial” violation, and what action, conduct or “violation” is considered “willful,” and some of this depends on the “general conditions” of probation — and especially the “special conditions” of your particular probation orders — meaning, what the Judge in your case (at the time of your sentencing) ordered you to specifically do on probation, along with what the Judge told you NOT to do on probation, all those conditions which are expressly written down and acknowledged and signed by YOU when you were first “instructed” by the probation officer (usually the in-court probation officer) just after your sentencing.” – – Florida criminal defense lawyer John Castellano —

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John M. Castellano is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney who has helped thousands of clients throughout Florida. While building a reputation as a premiere Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, Mr. Castellano has worked tirelessly to develop strategies to best protect the rights of those arrested for DUI in Broward, Dade and West Palm. However, Mr. Castellano is not just a drunk driving lawyer. He has been a successful domestic violence attorney, drug trafficking attorney, as well as all other Felony and Misdemeanor cases.

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