Prosecutors Draw Fire for Sentences Called Harsh

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SENTENCING of Roy Lee Clay

Roy Lee Clay in a photo used as a trial exhibit.

“This is exactly why we need to fire many of our nation’s federal prosecutors and start all over again,” opines federal criminal defense lawyer John Castellano. “All 93 US Attorneys across the nation — the entire Justice Department, should institute a new policy of hiring ONLY former criminal defense lawyers as new federal prosecutors. The reason is simple: Once those former criminal defense lawyers become federal prosecutors, they won’t have to grow a conscience, and common sense says they’ll have a broader perspective and sense of fundamental fairness, with some modicum of compassion — enough to never allow for these nightmarish results that flow from this sort of unconscionable prosecution mentality.” See:


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John M. Castellano is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney who has helped thousands of clients throughout Florida. While building a reputation as a premiere Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, Mr. Castellano has worked tirelessly to develop strategies to best protect the rights of those arrested for DUI in Broward, Dade and West Palm. However, Mr. Castellano is not just a drunk driving lawyer. He has been a successful domestic violence attorney, drug trafficking attorney, as well as all other Felony and Misdemeanor cases.

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