Immigration Problems Due to Drug Possession

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Our own Government, it appears, is enhancing the category, level and punishment scale associated with most criminal activities, including your run of the mill drug possession charges; and though this may sound like good solid law enforcement and good for the rest of our law abiding society, think about the natural consequences of this increased Government enforcement and enhancement of penalties, specifically:

Almost everything that once was considered a “misdemeanor,” is now a “felony” and enforceable as such, and were that not bad enough just in terms of lengthy prison exposure (as opposed to only sitting for a short period of time in the local county jail), the fact of a “felony” arrest in and of itself now will preclude you from obtaining employment almost anywhere; and when that happens, our unemployment rates dramaticlly increase, homes are lost to foreclosure, child support does not get paid, welfare and food stamp rolls (and consequent tax burdens on society) are increased proportionately, and this says nothing of today’s increasingly alarming rate of depression and suicide among our nation’s population. We are not building anything within the construction industry these days aside from new prisons to warehouse our own people, our own dads and moms and brothers and sisters and friends. The attached decision/opinion of the United States Supreme Court in Lopez v. Gonzalez, shows you exactly what happens to you or your loved ones in an immigration concern, once the Government enhances the way they look at some of our transgressions in life. Check out this opinion: U.S. Supreme Court Opinion



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