Forensic Results Possibly the Strongest Evidence in Zimmerman’s Defense

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The forensics don’t lie — whereas people do, and this may be the single biggest factor in what seems to be Zimmerman’s likely acquittal … specifically referring to this forensic (i.e., scientific proof, admitted into evidence in a legal proceeding) pathology and expert testimony. This is forensic or scientific proof that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and leaning over him, which is corroborative of Zimmerman’s version of the events — what he had told the police from the beginning. This forensic pathology and expert testimony is based on:

The size of the entrance wound, the distance of the gunshot firing from Trayvon’s body (as determined from powder burns and gunshot residue) and as evidenced by the trajectory (path and angle) of the projectile from the entrance, to the other areas within the body as it traveled. The forensics don’t lie, this we know, and whether we like him or not, or want him convicted or not, it’s clear that Zimmerman was telling the truth — at least as to this issue of Trayvon being on top of him and leaning over him at the time of the contact wound. Check out this forensic evidence:,0,6005164.story


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