Florida Governor Rick Scott signs Beer Growler Bill

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Starting July 1st, breweries in Florida will now be able to sell beer in refillable growlers; these growlers are able to hold 64 oz of beer. Signing this bill, Gov. Rick Scott is putting an end to what some are calling the “Florida Growler War.” Craft beer aficionados can finally rejoice, now able to get their latest brew in bulk.

When speaking about his choice to sign, Gov. Rick Scott stated, “By making the sale of 64-ounce growlers legal in Florida, we are eliminating another burdensome regulation and allowing more Florida businesses to succeed.”

Prior to the bill passing, current law only allowed 32 oz or 128 oz growlers — many beer fans felt that there was no perfect middle size until now. Craft brewers are excited for new possibilities, hoping the change in legislation will help them to compete against some of the bigger beverage distributors. Mike Halker, president of the Florida Brewers Guild and owner of Due South Brewing (in Boynton Beach) believes that providing customers with a middle choice will help sales immensely. Halker stated, “Growlers will give our customers more choices, increase our sales and directly benefit Florida and its taxpayers.”

While the signing of the Growler bill will help many craft brewers, there are still limits on what they can do in order to prevent retail takeover. Breweries are restricted to serving and selling their beer in no more than eight locations, and there are extensive limitations on transporting the beer from one brewery location to the next.

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