Florida Approves Heroin Antidote

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Last Spring Florida became the latest state to pass a law that approves the use of naloxone (more commonly referred to by its brand name Narcan).Naloxone is a heroin antidote that has proved to be effective in instantly bringing back victims from overdose. Florida joins New York, California, Illinois, New Mexico, and Washington as states that allow the use of the lifesaving drug by anyone who is willing to go through proper training on its use.

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Prior to the law passing, naloxone was only available to police, paramedics, and sometimes the victims themselves. Virtually anyone who is willing to be trained on the proper administration of the drug will be able to get their hands on it — lawmakers are hoping that opening up naloxone to the public will create better odds that the drug will be on hand when an addict needs saving. Diane Colby, a woman who attended a training class says she did so, “just in case.” Colby continues, “You never know when there could be an incident. You never can tell.” Personally, Colby said she didn’t know any addicts, but feels that it’s possible a situation could arise at her job. “We want as many people to have it as possible,” said Dan O’Connell, a director at the New York Department of Health.

Naloxone and America – Pros and Cons

New York is one of the first of these states to no longer require a specific patient be tied to the prescription of naloxone, instead allowing drug-prevention programs to share the drug with those who have been trained. Since last year New York has trained 10,000 people on the use of the drug, and have been sending the trained recipients home with rescue kits (these kits include the drug, and a nasal atomizer that can be used on the victim). Nationally, 188 community-based distribution sites of the drugs are in 15 states, and these sites have trained more than 53,000 people.

Those weary of this miracle drug feel that making naloxone accessible to more people will only increase the use of heroin, or stop people from calling the police when an overdose occurs. Another concern is the growing price of the drug; over the past year the price of the nasal version of naloxone has doubled due to the expensive raw materials, energy, and labor used to create the product. With that being said, it’s been recorded that there have been over 10,000 overdose reversals due to the miracle drug, with no recorded side-effects. Shannon Curry-Izzo is happy to have assisted in the April training program in Buffalo, after finding herself in a situation where she had to administer it to someone overdosing on a bathroom floor. Talking about the experience, Curry-Izzo stated, “It worked very much as advertised… It took about a minute for them to come to. They woke up very groggy, very confused.” Curry-Izzo continued, “This was my first time. I’m very glad that I was able to be there.”

The training programs have become so popular in Buffalo that officials have scheduled a dozen more classes between May and October of this year. Naloxone can either be administered as an injection, or through the nasal passage (using the nasal spray).

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