DUI ‘Shaming Law’ being called into question by Nashville public officials

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DUI ‘Shaming Law’ being called into question by Nashville public officials

As a criminal defense lawyer I have appeared in courts all over Florida — but I thankfully haven’t yet experienced such a thing as Nashville’s ineffective “shaming law.”

Nashville Sheriff David Hall is to be commended for ridiculing the “shaming” law (check out teh linked article, below) which you’d think most law enforcement officers would like; but he tells it like it is. He talked about how they ought to be “arresting the problem of alcoholism” rather than shaming the offenders, forcing them to wear shirts that say “I’m a drunk driver” as they’re court-ordered to pick up litter along the highways. You don’t have to be a Broward DUI lawyer or a Ft lauderdale criminal defense lawyer like me, or a Nashville Sheriff like Hall, to know that he absolutely nailed it. [Reminds me of the old saying, “It’s not the drinking but the stinking thinking that’s the problem.”] Besides, don’t these Nashville good old boys remember that their own town was built on drunks and country western singers who routinely sing about drinking and bars and mama and trains, and more drinking and cheating, you know, the good ole honky tonk and Nashville country stuff 🙂

The “shaming law” ain’t working to keep folks from drinking and driving, and to keep forcing people to publicize their “shame” knowing it doesn’t address the problem, is itself shameful, but you be the judge:


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