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Check out the very frank discussion and opinionated views of the observers of the trial. Most impressive is the respectful tone and constructive dialogue of all these folks who agree to disagree without being disagreeable in this conversation taking place on Facebook-

Original Post  7/5/13:

Contini-Zimmerman disobeyed the dispatcher who instructed him to stand down and stay away from the fellow he was following, in this case Travon Martin so Zimmerman cannot claim to have been a would be victim — at least not up until he put himself in that “deadly force” situation, which then “necessitated” his “use of deadly force” in the face of his own “fear of death.””


M.D.- Dispatcher don’t have any statutorily authority to command anyone to do anything. At best, their comments are recommendations derived from experience.

Contini-  It’s true what you say, Mark, but I think it’s also true that most people would’ve heeded the dispatcher’s admonitions, and regardless, I think that the jury will believe that Zimmerman should have listened to this instruction. (even if it only had the weight of a recommendation and not statutory authority) *but regardless of the fact that this jury will no doubt believe that Zimmerman should NOT have followed Martin after the dispatcher’s remarks, they will no doubt acquit Zimmerman because he used deadly force only *after Travon Martin was on top of him beating the #@*t out of him. Zimmerman was the bigger idiot; but it’s also true that even idiots who start problems, don’t have to lay there and get beat jhalf to death — and they get to blow away their “attackers” at that point, before suffering something worse.

R.T.- as I understand the evidence, from Zimmerman’s various interviews (he should have kept quiet), but anyway, Zimmerman is saying after he was told by the 911 operator to not chase TM he was obeying and heading back to his truck, when TM had circled back and jumped him from the bushes….that is of course if that described scenario is believed…

Contini-  I just respect ALL of you friends, for engaging in a dialogue like this (ie, in a potentially volatile and divisive case such as this one with all of these competing, emotional issues) and to voice your disagreements with one another in such a respectful way. I like thge way Stephen Covey said — repeating a variation of what Dale Carnegie had said: “agree to disagree without being disagreeable,” and I also like what Henry Ford had said about opposite views and opinions within his ranks: “If two people think alike on everything, then one of them is unnecessary.” You guys are great !

B.B.- Fear and adrenaline played a big part in this whole case.

Contini-  I agree with this too!

A.R.-  As I understand the evidence, there is no proof Zimmerman did not follow the dispatchers advice, and I have no doubt his defense will claim that he did turn around and was going back to his car when he was allegedly attacked. There is no part on the dispatcher recording that shows him intending to continue pursuit after the call. In fact, it seems to infer he stopped following as soon as the dispatcher told him he did not need to. Copy of the call transcript:

Contini-  Excellent addition of fact, helpful to all of us, so thanks Anthony … sorry I assumed too much in accepting as fact that he ignored the admonitions of the dispatcher. I’m told I’m a pretty good criminal defense lawyer; but I’d have made a lousy juror (!) for not waiting till ALL the evidence is in before weighing it and deliberating and coming to decisions !

A.R.- I’ve been very surprised (and I think many have) by how “light” the prosecutions evidence is on this case. Based on the media hype and outrage, and the charge of murder 2, I think we all expected a much stronger case from the state. I think the special prosecutor knew that if they tried manslaughter they might not even get that with this level of evidence. So they purposely over-charged with murder 2 and are hoping the jurors bail them out with a manslaughter conviction. That’s the only explanation for why they would charged murder 2.

B.B.-  I believe the prosecution has been ordered to deliberately lose this case which will cause untold rioting giving the government a reason to insert Martial Law throughout America…imho

Contini- Yes, perhaps that’s why they charged it this way, to invite what they call a “compromise verdict.” If you recall, it appeared as though the police didn’t want to charge this fellow at all, and they were seemingly muscled by the State Attorneys (prosecutor’s) Office — as perhaps confirmed yet again this week when the lead detective stated on the witness stand that he “believed that Zimmerman was telling the truth” … which resulted in the Judge the next day admonishing the jurors to “disregard the opinion of a witess as to the defendant’s credibility.”

A.R.- I was amazed the prosecutors even called him to the stand.

W.D.-  John, the reason why Lady Justice is blindfolded. I’m afraid I have a very cynical view of our justice system and use the word justice lightly. 

S.M.- But, John, what about the Texan who told the dispatcher he was going out to kill the guys burglarizing “his neighbor’s home”, disobeyed the dispatcher who advised that he should stay inside, went out and killed at least one of the perps and then walked. See any similarities?

Original Post 7/8/13:

Contini- I agree with my friend Simon’s analysis of the ‎#Zimmerman *TravonMartin case: : “The prosecution case was an unmitigated disaster, frankly pinning a parking ticket on #Zimmerman seems unlikely. The case is the defense’s to lose! O’Mara needs to get in and out quick. The longer he dinks around the more doors he may open for the prosecution.” ‎#criminallawyer ‎#Florida‎#notguilty 


C.L.- Whether Guilty or not Guilty, criminally responsible or not; Zimmerman is morally responsible for Martins death; period.





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