Dear Lawyer, I did some hurtful things to my ex-girlfriend and now she has a restraining order against me. I want to send her an “I’m sorry” email now that I realize what a jerk I’ve been. Can I do this?

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Dear self-declared Jerk, absolutely not! Sending a letter or a greeting card, even a nice one (or even flowers with an apology note) violates your restraining order and is illegal; or having a friend call and apologize for you (as you may erroneously think that it’s only you who cannot call her), is yet another violation of the “civil” restraining order, which disallows “any” contact, “direct or indirect.” When you’re arrested for the “new, separate crime” of “violation of restraining order,” you will be taken to jail, booked, fingerprinted and photographed, and you cannot make bail until a $3,500 bond is posted on your behalf; and if you live with the “victim” or person who petitioned the court for the restraining order, you cannot go to your home to even get your clothes to go to work! You will need a separate hearing before the Judge to “modify the terms and conditions of the restraining order,” to allow you to get your belongings.


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