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Drug felony congressmanThis breaking news story refers to the Congressman as “energetic” in “his freshman year as a lawmaker … ” Of course he was “energetic” … The same news reporters are telling us he just entered a guilty plea to buying cocaine! Might the cocaine have had something to do with the “energetic” Congressman’s reputation for moving fast through the Capitol? Hellooooo 🙂 Also quite interesting — and you don’t have to be a Florida criminal defense lawyer like me to appreciate this huge distinction:

The Congressman entered a guilty plea to the reduced “misdemeanor” charge of “cocaine possession … ”

There is no such “misdemeanor” charge pertaining to “cocaine” in the State of Florida (i.e., Florida only allows for the “felony” charge of “cocaine possession”) so the Congressman is no doubt counting his blessings that his cocaine arrest (i.e., for his hand-to-hand cocaine purchase from undercover narcotics officers) happened in D.C., and not in our beloved State of Florida. Check this out:


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