Bank Robberies on the Rise in South Florida

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Bank Robberies on the rise in FloridaDo you find it interesting that, according to the FBI source in this news article, the federal crime of bankrobbery and bank robberies general are now on the increase. These crimes most often happen  on a Friday afternoon and they go down right at the bank teller’s window — and just as we’re experiencing a battle between the sexes, the FBI tells us that most of the bank robbers are “men,” while most of the bank tellers are “women?”

Hey, I’m not a shrink — just a Ft. Lauderdale and federal criminal defense lawyer, but do the math: It’s Friday, time for him to pay for date night or pick up the check, she’s getting paid, he’s out of work, she won’t shoot him, who knows? Can you help the FBI here? Check this out:


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