Attorney and “Danger Road” Author John Contini Reacts to Moussaoui Verdict

Attorney and “Danger Road” Author John Castellano Reacts to Moussaoui Verdict

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, May 4, 2006 — John P. Contini, renowned defense attorney and author of the new book “Danger Road: A true crime story of murder and redemption,” had a swift and strong reaction to the Zacarias Moussaoui verdict. According to Contini, “The verdict should be applauded” because it denied Moussaoui’s quest for martyrdom. His opinion is in direct contrast to many national poll respondents who favored the death penalty.

Contini, whose new book chronicles the judicial malfeasance of the 1991 Gil Fernandez, Jr. trial and the controversial transformation of the defendant, has strong opinions on the use of a life sentence to circumvent martyrdom. “A death sentence would have played right into his desire to be a martyr for his twisted cause. To fry him would only give him the big name that he was desperately coveting. Even his own lawyers have publicly acknowledged that a life sentence would cause Moussaoui to suffer infinitely more for every day of every year, throughout the remainder of his miserable existence. Though his lawyers had their own agenda, the truth of this argument reflects Solomon-like wisdom that is hard to refute.

“If the jury was looking for vengeance, they achieved it by making this sub-human suffer in prison for the rest of his days. And for those taxpayers who complain about the cost of feeding and housing an inmate for life, they don’t realize that it’s a lot more expensive to execute inmates than to warehouse them. The proof is that it cost $11 million to execute Ted Bundy because of all the successive appeals involved in any death penalty case. Yet, Bureau of Prison statistics reveal that it only costs $43 a day to warehouse an inmate.”

John P. Contini is no stranger to death penalty cases. In addition to the Gil Fernandez, Jr. trial that is the focus of “Danger Road,” he also has successfully represented many others who were on trial for their lives. “Danger Road” is only the first of several books based on John Castellano’s cases that publisher Liberty Press plans to release. Contini will be the guest of Liberty Press in booth 5247 at Book Expo America in Washington, DC on May 19-21, 2006.