Are you “stunned” too … (not to death like this poor guy) but stunned to learn that they apparently like to “stun” and tase folks who don’t obey them?

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This officer should not be “stunned” to know that his “stun” gun killed this poor guy, since stun guns and tasers used by police are killing people all over the country. All the departments are on notice of this, so I say, just keep on using them to your own peril, inviting all kinds of civil liability on yourselves! That uniform doesn’t increase the IQ, we know, and those who sport the uniform don’t seem to grow the conscience or the compassion that ought to go with it, but then again, you may disagree after reading about this guy who turned 50, and who turned to run from the officer. Does that give the officer — whose duty it is “to protect and to serve” [yeah, right! 🙁 ] … the power to use deadly force, when it was NOT a “felony stop,” and when the officer was only encountering a DUI suspect?

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