About Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney John Castellano

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Attorney John Castellano has been a resident of Broward County for more than 25 years. While attending the University of Miami School of Law, John began his pursuit of defending citizen’s rights by serving as an intern at the Office of the Public Defender.

Upon graduating from University of Miami, Mr. Castellano accepted a position as assistant public defender in the Misdemeanor Division. During that time, Mr. Castellano handled thousands of Misdemeanor cases, from theft to DUI. After less than a year at the office, Mr. Castellano was promoted to the Felony Division. During his three years in the Felony Division, Mr. Castellano handled all types of felonies, from drug possession cases, to firearm cases involving possible penalties of life in prison.

After having been promoted to lead felony attorney in his division, Mr. Castellano began his own firm. For more than 15 years, Mr. Castellano has helped thousands of people with their legal problems. By taking the approach that each case and client are different, Mr. Castellano has been able to achieve success for his clientele, all while keeping them informed and involved in the process.

Our office prides itself on treating each client with the respect they deserve. Phone calls are returned promptly, and questions answered honestly. Our office looks forward to helping you through this difficult time.