#AaronHernandez, the NFL player accused of murder, has a #fortlaurderdale Florida connection, and the Broward County Judge signed a warrant in connection with his murder case today:

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“A Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Judge signed a warrant today authorizing a search of the residence of one of the alleged accomplices of Aaron Hernandez — the #NFL #NewEngland #football star … so like almost ALL other cases in the United Sates these days, there’s a #SouthFlorida connection!” — #FortLauderdalecriminaldefenselawyer John Castellano

“This accomplice is alleged to have been present in the car with Hernandez before and after the victim was murdered (outside the vehicle) according to reports. There Wes yet a third (3rd) ‘accomplice,’ according to these same reports — and according to the warrant, and it’s now alleged that one of these two other accomplices retrieved the murder weapon (the #fireman) from underneath the seat of the vehicle AFTER the murder! This, of course, may mean that one of these two accomplices may have his fingerprints ON the very firearm used to murder the victim, thereby providing Aaron Hernandez with one helluva do defense.” — #Massachusettscriminallawyer John Castellano

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