Q. “How is it that I can be arrested for ‘practicing massage without a license,’ when I do have a license for body wraps?” A. “I have a drivers license for my car, but how is it that I can be arrested for driving an 18 wheeler truck, when I don’t have my CDL license as a tractor trailer truck driver?”

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The veteran detectives in Florida — as in most areas of the country, know that many massage establishments are “fronts” for prostitution, as unfair and demeaning as this may sound to legitimate massage professionals. Your “body wrap” license is what you use to score your job as a supposed “legitimate” professional, when in reality, according to their way of thinking AND their experience, you’re being used by the owners of these establishments as a legitimate “cover” or “front” for them to operate their illegitimate business of prostitution.

Law enforcement will target these places and conduct undercover sting operations in order to “catch” the “girls” in the act of “soliciting for prostitution.” The undercover offices will play dumb and suggest that the “massage” act itself ought to instead be an illegal sex act for money, to see if the “girls” will go along with the suggestion and negotiate price, and this is all it takes to get past the likely defense of “entrapment.” The police are allowed by law to “facilitate” the crime if the defendant is “predisposed” to otherwise commit the crime, according to established Supreme Court case law; and how does law enforcement prove that the accused was “predisposed” to commit the crime? It’s easy — all they have to do is to show the accused negotiating price, or terms of the deal, and that proves “predisposition,” according to the law.

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